11 Days in Florida & Our 1st Q-Summit | Quantum Control Blog

Our team spent 11 days in Florida this August meeting with Clients and Partners, Attending ACPC, and Hosting our first Q-Summit. Here’s all the details.

Que Group 2018

This was my first QUE Group and I was impressed with how the user conference was managed, the attendance of over 170 customers, the great conversations with users, and the overall user interest in innovation and technology. During the conference I was able to speak with several people about Quantum, QUE Group, and how the current and new technology from Component Control helps them in their business.

Is it Time for Quantum-ERP Boot CAMP by the Bay?

Quantum has been in the market since 1999 and we have had several of our customers using Quantum since the early 2000’s.  Implementation, training, process management were all done as part of the initial roll-out of Quantum and in several instances those initial domain experts have left the company.  Training has been taken over by tribal knowledge.  Last user out, training the next user in.  So, as you can imagine, the proficiency and robustness of what Quantum brings gets watered down as time goes on.