Is it Time for Quantum-ERP Boot CAMP by the Bay?

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Need Advanced Training on Quantum-ERP?  How about Boot CAMP by the Bay?


By Daniel Tautges  – SVP Component Control

Component Control has thousands of users around the globe that rely on Quantum Control as critical infrastructure to run their business.  With the release of version 10.10 we have significantly advanced our product and with the advancement clients who have not regularly upgraded to the most current release find it difficult to “self-train” on the new features.

With that being said, it can actually be much more troubling.  Quantum has been in the market since 1999 and we have had several of our customers using Quantum since the early 2000’s.  Implementation, training, process management were all done as part of the initial roll-out of Quantum and in several instances those initial domain experts have left the company.  Training has been taken over by tribal knowledge.  Last user out, training the next user in.  So, as you can imagine, the proficiency and robustness of what Quantum brings gets watered down as time goes on.

What to do?  Jump back in.

Quantum Boot Camp

We just recently had 14 department leads from Embraer join us in San Diego, California, for a week-long Boot Camp.  Embraer doesn’t just want to be proficient with their tools, they want to be maximally efficient.  Efficiency means that they get the most out of the infrastructure they have while empowering their employees to maximize their productivity.

Under Frank Stevens the VP Global MRO Centers direction, maximizing the use of Quantum is a high priority.  Quantum is currently in use in several locations and Embraer has a directed focus on training, best practices, metrics, and Quantum leverage across all sites.

During the “Quantum Boot Camp” the top trainers of Quantum and Sr. Management from both Component Control and CAMP Systems discussed how to achieve maximum leverage with their Quantum application, and talked about new development initiatives and product enhancements that would create even more long-term company value.

Personally, getting to know how Quantum is being leveraged on a global basis by Embraer helped me understand what Quantum does today and how best to align what Quantum will bring in the future.  The session was immensely beneficial for all involved and I look forward to continuing to work with Embraer as a strategic customer.



Aviation Parts Trader CCI Aero steps-up to Cloud-Based Quantum-ERP QSTEP


Customer Experience Blog

2018 – CCI Steps up to Quantum-ERP QSTEP SaaS Platform


By Daniel Tautges  – SVP Component Control

I had a recent conversation with Jacob Wright, President of CCI Aero. CCI is based in South Carolina and is a full aviation parts stocking distributor who just recently implemented QSTEP, Component Control’s new Cloud Based Aviation ERP Software for Parts Traders.

Q: Jacob, thanks for meeting with me. Can you tell me a little more information about CCI Aero?

A: Absolutely, CCI is a company that I recently founded that specializes in Aviation parts distribution. We plan to expand into nose-to-tail but are focused on Avionics (APU) and (QEC) Engine parts and stock the parts that are most frequently used in the marketplace.

Q: How are you acquiring your inventory?

A: We target tear-downs and surplus assets both domestically and internationally.

Q: Why did you purchase Quantum QSTEP for your business?

A: There were a few reasons QSTEP made sense for us. I have been in the industry for 13 years and am familiar with the Software provided by Component Control, and its broad market usage. Further, the integration with our Cloud-Based Financial system (QuickBooks) was key in supporting our paperless objectives.

Q: What other features do you feel were positive in generating ROI for subscribing to Quantum QSTEP?

A: The ability to store files in the cloud and not have to build out IT will save us significant costs. The web-based User Interface gives us a lot of flexibility by allowing us to use the service from a desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

Q: Did you take advantage of the training program that is included with the on boarding?

A: I did but I kind of “jumped the line”. I was anxious to get started and had already used Quantum before so I didn’t need quite as much training. Happy that we have it available should we need more.

Q: Did you take advantage of the Premium Services as part of the recent promotion that we ran?

A: Not yet. I am not as familiar with as some of the other parts e-listing services. Now that I know it is free, and premium is included in the initial subscription, I will be looking into implementing.

Jacob, thanks for the conversation and for choosing Quantum QSTEP to be your Aviation Parts ERP solution to help you grow your business. Hopefully we can catch up at the QUE Group user conference.