Aviation Parts Trader CCI Aero steps-up to Cloud-Based Quantum-ERP QSTEP


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2018 – CCI Steps up to Quantum-ERP QSTEP SaaS Platform


By Daniel Tautges  – SVP Component Control

I had a recent conversation with Jacob Wright, President of CCI Aero. CCI is based in South Carolina and is a full aviation parts stocking distributor who just recently implemented QSTEP, Component Control’s new Cloud Based Aviation ERP Software for Parts Traders.

Q: Jacob, thanks for meeting with me. Can you tell me a little more information about CCI Aero?

A: Absolutely, CCI is a company that I recently founded that specializes in Aviation parts distribution. We plan to expand into nose-to-tail but are focused on Avionics (APU) and (QEC) Engine parts and stock the parts that are most frequently used in the marketplace.

Q: How are you acquiring your inventory?

A: We target tear-downs and surplus assets both domestically and internationally.

Q: Why did you purchase Quantum QSTEP for your business?

A: There were a few reasons QSTEP made sense for us. I have been in the industry for 13 years and am familiar with the Software provided by Component Control, and its broad market usage. Further, the integration with our Cloud-Based Financial system (QuickBooks) was key in supporting our paperless objectives.

Q: What other features do you feel were positive in generating ROI for subscribing to Quantum QSTEP?

A: The ability to store files in the cloud and not have to build out IT will save us significant costs. The web-based User Interface gives us a lot of flexibility by allowing us to use the service from a desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

Q: Did you take advantage of the training program that is included with the on boarding?

A: I did but I kind of “jumped the line”. I was anxious to get started and had already used Quantum before so I didn’t need quite as much training. Happy that we have it available should we need more.

Q: Did you take advantage of the StockMarket.aero Premium Services as part of the recent promotion that we ran?

A: Not yet. I am not as familiar with StockMarket.aero as some of the other parts e-listing services. Now that I know it is free, and premium is included in the initial subscription, I will be looking into implementing.

Jacob, thanks for the conversation and for choosing Quantum QSTEP to be your Aviation Parts ERP solution to help you grow your business. Hopefully we can catch up at the QUE Group user conference.


SAFRAN Landing Systems rolls out Quantum Control MobileTech to automate the real-time collection of Labor.


Customer Experience Blog

2018 – SAFRAN Landing Systems rolls out Quantum Control MobileTech to automate the real-time collection of Labor.


By Daniel Tautges  – SVP Component Control

MobileTech is an extension of the Quantum Platform that runs on a tablet or handheld device and provides real time tracking of labor as the technician is performing the work.

I recently met with Ken Wierzba, a 16-year veteran of aviation MRO services at the SAFRAN subsidiary, to discuss his recent roll-out of Quantum Control’s new MobileTech application. Ken shared how this new application improves his ability to quote, schedule, and cost his repair of Aircraft wheels and brakes.

Customer Experience interview Q & A with Ken Wierzba:

Q: What is the reason that you made the company-wide purchase of MobileTech?

A: We were originally going to roll-out the bar code application from Quantum but MobileTech had more value to us since we could leverage the handheld devices our team was already using.


Q: How did you justify the purchase?

A: MobileTech was pretty easy to cost justify as the way we previously collected information on labor was to perform time and motion studies for each job, at each site. We found this to be not as accurate as we would like. Sometimes we were over our estimates and other times we were under. Location, Technician, Tooling, etc. all had effects that changed the results.


Q: How do you leverage the information as it is collected?

A: The real-time data provides us with accurate forecasting as to labor cost and enables us to better queue our work groups so that we know precisely when material will move from station to station. This also helps with overall planning for Work In Process, materials, and issuing to jobs. Another advantage is being able to know exactly where on the floor the product is located, who is working on it, and its current status.


Q: This sounds incredibly valuable in bidding and understanding profitability of work orders. You’re also leveraging Quantum’s ability to predict profitability and time to complete.

A: Absolutely. It is true, we can now forecast with much more accuracy.


Q: This is great. How are you looking to extend the product? What is on your Quantum wish list?

A: The MobileTech, and Quantum in general, is great at collecting data and reporting. I would like to be able to roll the data up into a real-time BI dashboard to track and analyze so we can continue to refine our processes. It would also be great to be able to alert and notify if thresholds are out of band.


That sounds like a great way to get full leverage of Quantum. We are currently working on some new initiatives and will keep you posted as we continue to expand on our product.

Ken, thank you for your time and for being a great customer of Component Control. CAMP Systems and Hearst Inc. are committed to working with clients like yourself who work with us in continuing to make Quantum the #1 in aviation software for MRO and Logistics.



Daniel Tautges is the SVP of Component Control and has a 20-year background in Software and Technology Ventures.  He can be contacted at dtautges@componentcontrol.com  More background and posts from Daniel are available on LinkedIn.

Component Control is a wholly owned subsidiary of CAMP Systems International a Hearst Corporation and  leading developer of Application  Specific  MRO, Manufacturing, and Logistics Software for the aviation industry.  The combined organization has over 60 years of aviation industry experience, world-wide operations, and over $10.5B in annual revenue.  Global clients include Barfield, Ametek, AJ Walter, and Unical.

Product families include Quantum Control (Q-STEP, Enterprise, & Express) and StockMarket.aero, an aviation parts listing service with over 50 million parts listed from more than 3,000 aircraft parts vendors.